Visualize 2045 outreach: Here’s what we did over the summer


Over the summer, the TPB carried out a public input survey to gather general attitudes and opinions about transportation in the region. More than 6,000 people provided input! Their responses will help inform discussions among decision makers and planners about the planning and funding decisions we should be making to improve the region’s transportation future.

We had a busy summer spreading the word about the survey and encouraging people to participate. We conducted “live-surveying” events, handed out postcards, attended community events, worked with non-profit community organizations, and took to social media and the web. Below are some of the places we visited and a sampling of some of the social media messages we sent out.

“Live-surveying” events

We conducted “live-surveying” at 15 farmers markets and street festivals throughout the region. Survey teams equipped with tablet computers gave people the opportunity to take the survey in person:

We visited 15 events throughout the region with tablet computers so people could take the survey in person. We wanted to reach many different places and many different people throughout the region. (TPB)
Live-surveying at the Greenbelt Farmers Market on June 30 (TPB)
A shopper visits the Visualize 2045 table at the Reston Farmers Market on July 1. (TPB)
People taking the survey on tablet computers at the Mosaic District Farmers Market on July 2. (TPB)
Survey interviewers were busy at the Silver Spring Farmers Market on July 8. (TPB)
Live-surveying at the Dale City Farmers Market on July 9. (TPB)
Talking with shoppers at the Takoma-Langley Crossroads Farmers Market on July 12. (TPB)
TPB Chairman Bridget Donnell Newton speaks to the crowd at Rockville’s Peace Day Party. This was another event where people had the chance to take the Visualize 2045 survey. (TPB)

Postcards, stickers, and more!

In addition to live-surveying, we also set up tables at community events, handed out postcards at Metro stations and lunchtime hangouts, and met with clients at social-service organizations.

From left to right: TPB Vice Chairman Charles Allen at King Greenleaf Recreation Center in DC on National Night Out; Students at the Washington English center taking the Visualize 2045 survey; A Golden Triangle BID employee showing off her Visualize 2045 sticker at Farragut Friday in DC; and postcards at Crystal City for Food Truck Thursday. (TPB)

And we sent out newsletters and posted on social media. And our followers tweeted and retweeted the survey, spreading our reach even more!

Here is a small sample of tweets that mentioned #VIZ2045 (TPB)

Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word by including us in your newsletters, posting on social media, and sending the survey to colleagues, friends, and family. All of this input will help elected leaders and regional planners better understand what people in the region see as key regional transportation challenges and opportunities.

Learn more about Visualize 2045 at

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