#TPBatTRB in tweets!


This year, two dozen TPB engineers, analysts, and planners attended the 96th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board. They took to social media to share pictures of the sessions they attended, interesting data they saw, and new ideas they learned about.

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Two groups of TPB staff presented research posters at this year’s meeting. Both posters highlighted how the TPB has used real-time traffic data to shed light on disruptive regional events, including the day-long Metro shutdown last March.

By presenting their research at the TRB Annual Meeting, TPB staff showed transportation agencies and metropolitan planning organizations in other regions how they too can use real-time traffic data analyze disruptive events and learn important lessons from them.

TRB sessions are geared toward researchers, engineers, and planners but they do sometimes get creative with their names.

Beyond the session rooms, TRB is also a chance to connect with old friends and colleagues. Sometimes the best ideas are swapped in the hallways.

After the conference TPB staff discussed what they learned and swapped ideas for improving the TPB’s work.

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