Maryland bike and ped funding, urban freight corridors, and Visualize 2045 coming up at the Sept. 20 TPB meeting

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The TPB will consider six Maryland bike and pedestrian projects for funding under the federal Transportation Alternatives set-aside program. (MarylandGovPics/Flickr)

The Transportation Planning Board is scheduled to meet at noon on Wednesday, September 20. The official agenda and all meeting materials will be posted on the Thursday before the meeting. Here’s a quick preview of what’s coming up:

Funding recommendations for bicycle and pedestrian projects in Maryland. The TPB will consider six projects to recommend for $1.6 million in funding under the federal Transportation Alternatives set-aside program. The projects were selected in part based on whether they advance regional priorities, including promoting non-motorized transportation options and supporting circulation within regional Activity Centers.

Identifying Critical Urban Freight Corridors. Federal law enables metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) like the TPB to identify corridors that are important for moving freight through the region, in part to aid in the process of awarding federal freight funding. The board will be briefed on the federal regulations and the progress in identifying Critical Urban Freight Corridors for the National Capital Region.

Visualize 2045 updates: Visualize 2045 is the federally required long-range transportation plan for the National Capital Region, slated for TPB approval in late 2018. The board will receive status updates on three components of the plan:

  • Constrained Element: Under federal law, Visualize 2045 must identify, for the purposes of Air Quality Conformity and other analyses, all planned projects, programs, and policies for which funding is reasonably expected to be available between now and 2045. The board will be briefed on the upcoming solicitation of inputs for the Constrained Element as well as preparations for the conformity analysis.
  • Financial Element: The Financial Element of Visualize 2045 will demonstrate that anticipated revenues and expenditures for the investments identified in the Constrained Element of the plan. The board will be briefed on efforts by staff and TPB partner agencies to develop updated estimates of revenue and expenditures.
  • Public outreach: The first phase of public outreach for Visualize 2045 centered on a public input survey designed to gather general attitudes and opinions about transportation in the region. The board will be briefed on outreach activities undertaken over the summer to promote the survey and encourage participation.

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