Here’s what happened at the June TPB meeting


At its June meeting the TPB set targets for measuring the performance of the highway system for congestion and emissions. The board received briefings on the region’s travel trends and learned about the final set of performance targets for the region’s bridges and pavement conditions. Board members also discussed how the region should begin implementing the seven initiatives the TPB endorsed in December and January.

TPB actions at the June 20 meeting

Set performance targets for emissions and congestion. Last month, the board reviewed how the region would be measuring congestion and emissions and the short-term targets for the federally required Performance Based Planning and Programming. The board approved the targets for the region. Learn more.

Approved a resolution of support for projects applying for Virginia’s SMART Scale funding. The state of Virginia requires that projects seeking funding through its SMART Scale prioritization process either be in existing long-range plans or receive a resolution of support from Virginia metropolitan planning organizations. The board regularly submits letters of support for various grant applications for member jurisdictions. This was a similar action. See the presentation.

Other highlights

Discussion about accommodating bicycle infrastructure on the Nice Bridge. During the director’s report, TPB Chair Charles Allen asked about the Harry Nice Bridge and an ongoing discussion about accommodating bicyclists along the bridge. Tying the discussion back to the endorsed initiatives, he explained that this was a chance to incorporate bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure on the bridge that could last many years into the future. He asked staff to take another look at the alternatives for the bridge to see how best bicycle and pedestrians are being accommodated.  He noted that the board will discuss this further and determine what to communicate to the Maryland Transportation Authority. Listen to the full director’s report and the subsequent board discussion.

Travel trends report. About every three years TPB staff produces a report on regional travel trends. The board received a briefing about how the region is growing and changing and how those changes are affecting how we get around. Read more findings from the travel trends report. Listen to the full presentation.

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Performance Based Planning and Programming targets for bridge and pavement conditions. TPB staff briefed the board on measuring bridge and pavement conditions and highway performance. Federal law requires metropolitan planning organizations like the TPB to measure and establish short term targets. For example, highway performance is assessed by measuring travel time reliability, the percent of person miles traveled that are reliable. For freight travel time reliability, a measure of the percent of truck travel that is reliable is used. The board will take up these performance targets at its July meeting. Listen to the full presentation.

Citizens Advisory Committee vice-chair Robert Jackson presented on the committee’s June meeting. The CAC was briefed on Performance Based Planning and Programming and census data updates to the TPB’s equity emphasis areas. He reported that the CAC requested more clarification about how the performance targets will be used and if there are any penalties to the region for missing its targets. The committee requested further clarification at future meetings. Listen to the CAC report.

The Access for All advisory committee also met in June. AFA chair Kacy Kostiuk presented the report. The AFA was also briefed on the census data updates to the Equity Emphasis Areas. These updates do not change how these areas were identified, they simply use the updated numbers from the American Community Survey from the census. The AFA also broke into groups to discuss priorities and unmet needs which will set the stage for developing the next Coordinated Human Service Transportation Plan. This plan informs how the TPB awards grants through the Enhanced Mobility programs. Listen to the full AFA report.

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