Coming up at the June 15 TPB meeting: SafeTrack, performance based planning, regional freight, and Metro TOD


The Transportation Planning Board is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, June 15, at noon. The official agenda and all meeting materials are posted online. Here is a quick preview of what’s coming up:


SafeTrack Briefing: The TPB will be briefed on TPB and COG staff coordination activities to support WMATA’s extended safety and repair work plan called SafeTrack. There will also be updates from Commuter Connections and COG’s public information coordination and transportation agencies.

MAP-21 performance requirements: The TPB will be briefed on federal transportation performance management requirements. Just released on May 26, the rules establish a set of performance measures for state DOTs and Metropolitan Planning Organizations, including the TPB. The board will be getting their first look at these new requirements.

Draft National Capital Region Freight Plan: The draft 2016 National Capital Region Freight Plan describes the role of freight in the Region’s economy and provides an overview of the multimodal freight transportation system. It includes a set of regional freight policies, a list of projects important for freight, and recommendations for future freight planning actions. The board will be briefed on the draft plan in June and asked to approve it at the July meeting.

Transit-Oriented Development near Metro stations: WMATA staff will provide an overview of ways that the TPB and local governments can work with Metro to implement Transit Oriented Development. The presentation will describes approaches to collaboration, including supporting growth and access in station areas, as well as development of Metro property.

Read the full meeting agenda and materials.

Comment by July 9 on the draft regional Freight Plan
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