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The region is gearing up for Bike to Work Day 2016 on Friday, May 20. Cities, counties, businesses, and community groups across the region are organizing pit stops to welcome cyclists and celebrate the day. They’re also producing fun videos to spread the word and inspire commuters to give bicycling a try! Check out some of the cool videos we’ve seen so far. (Thanks to the Women and Bicycles Facebook group for finding some of these!) And if you know of a video worth sharing, share it with us at the end of the post.

It’s Frederick vs. Rockville in this head-to-head competition—vote for your favorite!

Frederick Mayor Randy McClement and Rockville Mayor Bridget Newton challenged one another to a Bike to Work Day video competition. Check out their videos below and vote on the one you like best. Voting ends May 19 and the winner will be announced at Bike to Work Day on May 20!

Frederick’s “Bicycle Boot Camp”


Rockville’s “Biking is…”


Reston shows cyclists how to get to nearby bike trails

Reston Association created a video to remind people that spandex is not required before you get on a bike. The great thing about this video is that it offers help for new riders who don’t know how to get to the trail network that connects the city with nearby communities and destinations.

Arlington shows us where to find their 6 BTWD pit stops

Arlington County created a video to highlight its 6 Bike to Work Day pit stops and show how much fun BTWD can be. They seem to have a Renaissance-Faire style. Check it out:


Tell us about other BTWD videos you’ve seen: Have you seen any other great BTWD videos out there? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter (@NatCapRegTPB) and we’ll re-post them!

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