A brief recap of the February TPB meeting


The February TPB meeting was originally planned for Wednesday February 20 but was rescheduled for Friday February 22 due to weather. At its rescheduled meeting the TPB approved regional targets for transit vehicles and stations. The board also received an overview of the TPB’s annual budget and work program that it will need to approve…

Transportation planning, explained

We’ve talked about what the TPB is and what it does. But one question people ask is how projects develop. Transportation planning is everything that has to happen before the shovel hits the ground. The TPB exerts an influence Previously, we explained that one of the TPB’s roles is to provide a regional policy framework…

Here are 3 projects that got started through the Transportation Land-use Connections Program

The TPB’s Transportation Land-Use Connections Program (TLC) gets projects started with technical assistance to set them up to receive funding for construction from programs such as the Transportation Alternatives (TA) Set-Aside Program. The TPB began the TLC program in 2006 and has since provided services to local jurisdictions to identify creative, forward-thinking, and sustainable projects….